"I would like to thank Raleigh McKeever for the therapy sessions. As a runner, I was able to run my fastest time in inclement conditions. I highly recommend RPM Muscular Therapy!!!" March 24, 2015 - D. Henry [Facebook]



"I was Raleigh's patient for the 6 months I was in Atlanta after a car accident. I don't know what I would have done without him! Regular massages really helped my neck and back pain and headaches that were related to my whiplash. He's also really friendly and professional. I'm sad I have to find another massage therapist now that I've left Atlanta!" August 22, 2012 - Alisha G. (Calgary, Canada) [Yelp]



"I have gone to Raleigh for various injuries and sore muscles and he is extremely professional and well worth the price.  I found out about him through a Living Social deal and I don't bother going to get a massage elsewhere because once you walk out of his clinic feeling like you do, why would you spend $60-70+ elsewhere for just a rubdown that doesn't even restore you completely? He is very knowledgeable about his field and keeps the place clean and welcoming." October 11, 2011 - Ami K. [Yelp]



"Listen all, if you are second guessing this place, one word...DON"T!!! I took advantage of the living social deal like the others and all I can tell you is Raleigh is definitely one of the best!  I say one of the best because there are a couple others in CHICAGO that is right up there with him (check my reviews to find them).  I appreciate the convenience of booking & canceling online.  I appreciate his professionalism.  The office is intimate, the room was everything I needed it to be...Will I be back? without question...
Helpful info: 

1. GPS is totally off for this place. It will send you to a residential area on WEST Andrews...if you navigate to whole foods in that area, it will get you closer or just call ahead and ask for directions.
2. Oh & not like I have to tell you all this or anything but if you like the service, tipping is still in : )
3. Once you find the area, the office is upstairs suite 214 NOT 213 
Happy Yelping!" September 26, 2011 - Mimi S. [Yelp] 



"I went to RPM for a full body treatment after buying a Living Social deal and it was one of the best massages that I have ever had!! Raliegh is incredibly professional and super friendly!! The clinic is extremely clean, nice, and with a comfortable atmosphere. I was treated to a scalp, foot and body de-stresser massage with a perfect balance of hot stones and stretching.  It was the most relaxing experience that I have had in a long time!!!" September 25, 2011 - Sindura S. [Yelp]


"I went to RPM for a 75 minute hot stone massage after purchasing a Living Social deal for it.  I hadn't heard of it and hadn't read any reviews of it when I bought the deal but I was swayed by their online scheduling system.  I love online scheduling systems.  That is easily worth one star on its own.


It was easy to find the general location and there is free parking, but it took me a minute to locate the office on the second floor of the complex (fortunately, Raleigh was outside and flagged me down right away).  Once inside, I filled out all the forms, described my trouble areas (none really - I just wanted a nice massage), and played with the adorable office dog.

My massage room was nice and clean and less like a spa than some places (which is fine because this place is really more about treatment and therapy than aromatherapy and candles).  The setting was still relaxing.

My massage was really great.  It was a pretty deep tissue massage (although I could have asked him to adjust the pressure if I wanted - but why?) and incorporated use of the hot stones, which I find to be very relaxing.  It was also very much like a sports massage - my sore muscle areas were worked intensively, and I was twisted, contorted and stretched.  When I got in, Raleigh told me to undress to my comfort level (like most places do) and I did, but I'm pretty sure there is nothing about me now that he hasn't seen.  And, my boobs popped out a few times.  But, whatever - he's very professional and I figure he's seen it all before.

His normal rate for massages and therapies is $80 an hour and I think that's very reasonable.  I would definitely return when I want to get a therapeutic massage and actually get work done to make me feel good." January 11, 2011 - Katie W. [Yelp]


"So visiting in-laws for Thanksgiving, the ONLY time I see them and what happens I pull my freaking back. I couldn't move for 6 hours. So embarrassing and also the day before Thanksgiving!
Raleigh came to the rescue. His professionalism and caring were remarkable. He listened to me as I tried to explain where the pain was. I seriously could not have walked without his 3 hour massage. SO AMAZING, he's an angel. I wish I lived in Atlanta so I could get a massage from him regularly." December 2, 2010 - N. Movassaghi (Sacramento, CA) - [Yelp]



“God is good! I see why the professional athletes are waiting in line for your services. My quad muscle had been bothering me in the arduous process of my marathon training. To my rescue came the best clinical massage/muscle therapist in Atlanta to make it better. Rates are excellent- give him a call.” June 14, 2010 - D. Walker - [Facebook]



“This correspondence is in recommendation of RPM Muscular Therapies Clinic LLC and Mr. Raleigh McKeever. Raleigh McKeever provides excellent service at RPM Muscular Therapies Clinic. I first became acquainted with Raleigh while a member at a local gym. After several years out of contact, he reached out to me, knowing my passion for fitness, to market his services as a muscle therapist. Mr. McKeever willing set an appointment that was amenable to my hectic schedule, giving detailed directions to the clinic, which is immaculate. He is an expert in his field; he was able to "diagnose" issues with stress, posture, and even errors in my workout technique, simply by touching certain muscle groups. He is consistently respectful of his clients and their physical as well as emotional comfort level throughout the session, mindful of any apprehensions or anxieties. Without reservation, I recommend Raleigh McKeever and RPM Muscular Therapies Clinic LLC to my clients, and to anyone from the weekend athlete, to the "gym rat", to the professional athlete, to those suffering from muscular damage and stress issues.” November 20, 2008 - M' R K. Tuck Principal - Complete Image Consultants - [LinkedIn]



“Raleigh is very professional and provides the client with high quality service.” October 3, 2008 - E. Terry [LinkedIn]



“I first met Raleigh when he was a student at the Academy of Somatic Healing Arts and I was an instructor there. I have since received his work as a client. I found him to be knowledgeable, dependable and effective. I went to his office stiff and sore and left there feeling wonderful, loose and balanced. I have since moved out of state, but if he lived closer to me, I would see him regularly.” January 11, 2008 - P. Hauser, RN, LMBT - [LinkedIn]



“Raleigh works magic...in a few sessions he healed a sports injury that made rotating my arm unbearable. THANKS RALEIGH!!!” January 12, 2008 - D. Hamilton -  [LinkedIn]



“For more than three years I have been one of Raleigh's clients. He is a complete professional with a focus on the needs of his clients, not the clock on the wall. He takes on problem muscles like a personal challenge, with the know-how to get to the source of the issue, which is often outside the immediate area of soreness. For therapeutic and often intense muscle work, I highly recommend him.” January 17, 2008 - R. Pedersen - [LinkedIn]



“I have found Raleigh to be diligent in every aspect of my dealing with him. He worked for me in the student clinic, in a role where he was meeting-greeting clients, managing money, inputting data on the computer, where chaos was frequently the norm. He managed it all unflappably. Later, I have seen Raleigh as his client. His work for very intuitive, thorough, and absolutely effective. I absolutely recommend Raleigh's bodywork for anyone who wants to be in balance in their body and thrive.” March 31, 2008 - P. Hauser - [LinkedIn]



“Raleigh is a detailed, trustworthy, knowledgeable muscular therapies who consistently gives his clients effective relief from whatever ills them. I highly recommend his "extremely" therapeutic services. Sincerely, J. Alexander” April 3, 2008 - [LinkedIn]



“Raleigh's massage therapy is in contrast to treatment received from the typical spa, as his treatment has actually helped correct muscle related problems that cause symptoms from headache to lower back discomfort. Due to playing a snare drum in a marching drum section, there are various nagging aches and discomforts that I may experience, as playing drums in that respect is a really athletic endeavor. His treatment allows me to perform in ways that can match and even surpass ways that I performed as a teenager. This is due to a combination of the massage therapy keeping me limber, being double-jointed : ), being stronger than I was as a teenager and keeping an at least decent workout regimen. Raleigh's excellent and detailed therapy complements my Chiropractic therapy. Raleigh addresses areas and includes stretching in ways that the typical spa therapist does not attempt to cover.” October 29, 2007 - C.L. McGee - [LinkedIn]